Brooklyn Branch Newsletter February 2022

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We love to celebrate the incredible individuals that make our Skin Renewal family the close-knit group of talented, industry leaders that it is, which is why we’re taking this opportunity to recognise the milestones achieved and standout performances of the last 12 months. With that being said, this newsletter is dedicated to our team and everything every one of them do to go above and beyond for you, our valued patients.

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Back row from left to right: Mike, Nomsa, Jacquiline, Erisca & Bianca
Front row from left to right: Didi, Michelle, Chantel & Adri

Special Achievements

So, without further ado, here are the Brooklyn branch’s team members and familiar faces who earned Special Achievement Awards for 2021…

And the Top Doctor Award goes to…

Dr Lestonn - who received the Top Doctor Award in Gauteng and nationally for the third year in a row! Special mentions to Dr Megan and Dr Zander for their outstanding growth. 

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Dr Lestonn, the Top Doctor in Gauteng and nationally, and he’s got the certificates to prove it.

And the Top Health Coach Award goes to…

Dr Pierce - who received recognition as the Top Health Coach in Gauteng and nationally, for the third year running. 

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Dr Pierce, the Top Health Coach in Gauteng and nationally, whose award-winning track record is looking healthier than ever with his latest accolades. 

Special mention to our therapist, Bianca…

Who received a special mention in the Top Therapist Award – Gauteng category for outstanding growth. Congrats B! 

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Meet Jacquiline

Recently having joined our housekeeping team, Jacquiline’s smile says it all! She looks forward to serving our team and patients and we wish her a very happy, professionally fulfilling journey with us. Please join us in extending a very warm welcome to her and be sure to say “Hi!” if you see her when you visit us for your next appointment.

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A warm welcome to the newest member of our Brooklyn team, Jacquiline.

The Family that celebrates together, stays together.

First things first...

From his first day of Grade 1, to his first interhouse sports day, to his first visit from the Tooth Mouse, Michelle’s first-born kicked off 2022 with a trio of firsts. 

“Congrats!” to his undoubtedly proud Mama! 

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No 'second place' for this guy... 

Congratulations to Chantel’s son, Shaun on his winning streak in athletics – achieving 1st place in the 60m and 1st place in the 80m at his inter-house athletics. 

Well done, boy!

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Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Looking at his bunch of red and blue balloons, it’s no secret which milestone Erisca’s son, celebrated in January.

Happy 5th Birthday George! 

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From the Doctor's Desk

Dr Trent Harris 

Treatment focus: PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

PRP is a wonderful treatment that has been growing in popularity over the last few years. You may have heard people mention the “vampire facial” and this would be referring to the use of PRP.

PRP is made up of two elements namely: plasma (the liquid portion of blood) and platelets (a type of blood cell).

Platelets are well known for their role in healing and clotting, but they also contain growth factors that can promote tissue regeneration and trigger cell reproduction.

PRP is made by taking approximately 20ml of a patient’s blood and then placing it in a machine known as a centrifuge. This machine then spins the blood, causing it to separate into its various constituents. This leaves us with the beautiful, golden coloured PRP (or liquid gold as we like to call it). A normal vial of blood has about a 6% concentration of growth factors. Once the blood has gone through the centrifuge, the PRP then has a concentration of around 94% growth factors.

Once we have the PRP, we can then use it for various treatments on different areas of the body. The most common use cases are for the face (the vampire facial) and for the scalp. When used on the face, PRP can help with ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles, and also to improve tone and texture of the skin. PRP used on the scalp can help to slow down hair loss, and also has been shown to help reactivate dormant hair follicles.

PRP is an exceptionally safe treatment, due to the fact that it is the patient’s own blood that is used. Due to this, there is absolutely no chance of allergic reaction or other side effects.

PRP can be used in multiple different ways. This includes needling the PRP in using a treatment device such as Dermapen, or injecting the PRP into the area to be treated using a technique known as mesotherapy.

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Dr Pierce van Tonder

DefenCELL®️ is one the most comprehensive and advanced Nutrigenomic supplements available. It is definitely one of my favourite products. It is prescribed under the guidance of a practitioner and not an over-the-counter product. DefenCELL is a vegetable Cellulose capsule which makes it suitable for vegetarians.

DefenCELL assists with the detoxification of trapped "bad" Oestrogen in fat cells and the patient sees a remarkable improvement in fat in the visceral area. It works its wonders in our RID programme and my patients love it.

I prescribe it because:

It takes the liver through all three phases of detoxification where most of your non-prescription supplements only assist in 2 phases.

It is a potent antioxidant, works on a mitochondrial / cellular level and the result is an improvement in hair, skin, nails and cardiovascular health.

It protects the cells against DNA damage due to the presence of B Methylated Vitamins, SOD and Sulpurophane in each capsule.

Interesting Fact: Dr Pierce is a registered Phytotherapist (Medical Herbalist) with the AHPCSA and The American Herbalists Guild (AHG) (USA).

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Get to know the Team


How do you start your day?
I start my day with prayer and worship songs. It centres me and keeps me calm and happy.

Which treatment is going to get you there?
My favourite treatment of all time is Carboxytherapy; simply because it really brings so much life to the skin and improves it holistically. It is a great “pick-up” for the skin!

Which products can you not go without?
SPF is a standard, and then SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF.  I love it because it's a "wonder-worker", really light to the touch with a lightweight feel. It works really well to correct skin tone and smoothen texture while giving a beautiful glow!

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Coming Soon: Endymed - A new firm favourite

In the spirit of always putting our clients’ needs first, we’re proud to be first-to-market in South Africa with Endymed Medical’s ENDYMED PRO range of results-driven, clinically-proven treatments for superior skin resurfacing, body contouring and facial rejuvenation.

As one of the most clinically validated radio frequency (RF) devices available, with over 40 peer-reviewed clinical studies published, the ENDYMED PRO range hits the sweet spot between technology and innovation delivering cutting-edge treatments that pack a confidence-building punch with first-of-its-kind technology, minimal downtime and maximum results.

By making use of 3DEEP™ RF technology, the ENDYMED PRO manipulates the interaction between multiple RF energy fields, combining six RF generators to deliver really focused RF energy. If that sounds really clever, that’s because it is. It’s the really clever controlled 3-dimensional thermal pattern created in the skin at three different depths that achieves the unparalleled results that the ENDYMED PRO is known for.

From fine lines and wrinkles to scarring, from sagging skin and stubborn cellulite to “It just won’t budge!” fatty pockets, the ENDYMED PRO medical multi-platform is as effective as it is safe, making it the most sought-after energy-based medical aesthetic solution to the ‘problem’ areas you’re most self-conscious about.

Endymed – RF Fractional Intensive can be compared to four intensive Fraxel treatments.

EndyBleph can be compared to four passes of Fraxel on the eyelids and crow’s feet and is safe to treat the whole eyelid as no light energy is being emitted eyes.

Endymed – RF Needling gives you the benefit of needling combined with deep Radiofrequency tightening.

Speak to us to find out more about the ENDYMED PRO range of treatments and how, in the hands of our world-class therapists, these body contouring and skin resurfacing treatments can make the world of difference to you. 

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Don't just take our word for it

"Skin Renewal Brooklyn is just amazing! Highly skilled and professional staff, and next level treatment and advice. If you need the best I can't recommend this team enough!"

“Skin renewal helped me become who I am today. From the moment I walked through the doors of Skin renewal the staff greeted me with big eyes and a warm welcome, I was a bit nervous to begin with, but this was quickly set aside with the professionalism from the reception staff and the organised, dynamic approach towards my treatment plan by my Therapist (for the past 4 months), Bianca.”

“Compliments from friends are streaming in. Everybody wants to know what I have done. Dr Lestonn Lawn has done wonders for my skin and my confidence! I look 5 years younger thanks to the fillers he suggested and injected. On the skin treatment front, I always look forward to my next appointment with Bianca who is always friendly and professional, and takes the time to explain every aspect of my treatment plan in detail.”

“My skin looks amazing and my pigmentation is 90% better! I would recommend Skin Renewal Brooklyn to anyone. From my first visit, I was impressed by the willingness to help and the high levels of service.”

Transforming Lives. Period.

Skin Renewal’s vision is to facilitate infinite transformation to all the lives we touch, and this year, we will be partnering with Komani to transform young lives by helping to stop period poverty. Komani produces high quality reusable, washable sanitary pads which are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Giving back to the wider community is a core value in our ethos, putting our money where our mouth is, we will match donations one for one. For every 100 packs we receive we will spend time in Kliptown educating the recipients on personal hygiene, use and maintenance of their sanitary pack.

How can you contribute?

Watch our social media pages for news of our fundraising initiatives throughout this year. All 18 of our branches will be participating so you can contribute at any one of them, or pop in to give a direct donation to the project by simply adding your contribution to your treatment or product invoice.

We would like to take the opportunity and thank each and every one of our patients who contributed to our CSI project in 2021. In total, the Brooklyn branch raised R14 000 with a massage drive last year and this has enabled us to acquire our first 100 sanitary packs!

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Getting social with Nabeela Jamal

If you're not following Nabeela yet, grab your phone, hop on the Gram and give this blogger, content creator, make-up artist & Skin Renewal influencer a follow. We’ve loved collaborating with her over the past little while and there’s been a lot to LIKE about her skincare journey because her Skin Renewal success story is totally worth mentioning.


I’ve had the absolute pleasure of having treatments done at Skin Renewal Brooklyn for the past year. My experience has been nothing short of amazing! It’s such a warm and friendly atmosphere and what makes them unique is that the staff and Doctors are so professional yet friendly at the same time which puts you at ease. You have the luxury of having a consultation with the in-house Doctor - mine being Dr Lestonn. After meeting with Dr Lestonn, during which time he had a good look at my skin, he suggested a treatment plan. I have been thoroughly enjoying my treatments and my skin feels better and better after each treatment.

“Your makeup is only as good as the canvas that it’s on, which is why I think of taking care of one’s skin as an investment because that’s just what it is.”

When I started my Skin Renewal journey I was hopeful that they could help but I had no idea just how much the therapist and Doctors would achieve. I’m so pleased with my results thus far. My Pigmentation is under control, there’s been a significant improvement in the appearance of my acne scarring and my skin texture has visibly improved. Thank you to the Skin renewal Brooklyn team – Michelle, Bianca, and Dr Lestonn. I look forward to my future treatments!

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We look forward to seeing you at our branch soon and until then, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all our product, branch and ambassador news. And in case you didn’t know, we have a dedicated WhatsApp number – 087 153 1038 – to help assist you with information, appointments and more.

Wishing you a year of good health, happiness and plenty to celebrate!

With love,

The Brooklyn Branch


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