Bedfordview Newsletter November 2023

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From welcoming a new member to our team to living for how beautifully our Skin Renewal Bedfordview family is spending their out-of-office hours, from our top picks for products to treatments you may want to look into if your eyes are looking a little older than your years, we’ve filled this newsletter with the perfect blend of business and fun!

So, get comfy, pour yourself a glass of water to get you closer to your skin’s must-have couple of litres a day, and have a read…

A Warm Welcome to Tanusha!

It’s our absolute pleasure to welcome Tanusha – and her wealth of anti-ageing knowledge and aesthetic experience – to the Bedfordview team.

Having completed her studies at the City and Guild International College in Aesthetics, Tanusha has been in the industry for 15 years, during which time she’s grown and fine-tuned her skill set through work experience, further studies and, most recently, Skin Renewal training on our latest treatments and cutting-edge technology.

“I love the industry and its ever-changing trends,” explains Tanusha. “I believe that making a difference in people’s lives comes with continuous learning, developing of oneself, and having a passion for skin.”

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Tanusha, a mother of two beautiful girls, enjoys socialising, being outdoors, cooking, and learning new things in her spare time. She considers herself a people person and, as she loves to experience new cultures and ways of life, is always keen to add a new stamp to her passport. 

Hot Of The Press
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We’re so proud of our Branch Leader, Janet, for her feature in Get It Joburg South magazine. What a wonderful article on ‘The power of a positive mindset’ and a powerful reminder of the positive, inspiring person that Janet is, both to our team and her guests / patients, and every person who crosses her path.

Out Of Office & Out and About

Because a pic is worth a thousand words, here’s what our team’s been up to when they’re not in-branch helping you level up your #SkinGoals…

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Janet had an amazing weekend away surprising her bestie, Michelle, who recently relocated to Cape Town. They had the most amazing time enjoying and exploring the wonders of Babylonstoren, which was, Janet says, “by far my favourite wine tasting I have done to date.”

She highly recommends the experience and plans to visit again… soon.

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“Go Bokke!” We love these pics Catarina took when she visited Emirates Park with her family and friends to cheer on the Springboks as they went on to beat Argentina during the World Cup Rugby.

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Maryke recently enjoyed a “Funday Sunday” at the Indaba Hotel’s Tasting Room where she and her significant other enjoyed a ‘Champagne and Macaroon’ tasting. In her own words: “The wine connoisseur was extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, and made it an exceptional experience for us. We felt like we stumbled on a hidden treasure!”

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Judging by these pics, what a great day at the Strawberry Farm, Ntsakisi and her family enjoyed! Commenting on the pics, this proud Mama says, “My family and I loved the tranquil setting and beautiful views while having quality time together. The strawberries were huge and tasted divine!”

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Vitamin Sea! Being a close-knit family, Bernice so appreciated the chance to get visit the coast with her family where they paid a visit to the Ushaka Marine World, soaked up the sunshine and sea air and took advantage of a few family photo ops, of course!

New Product Alert - Get Ready to "SEA" the Difference!

Introducing the newest addition to our Skin Renewal supplement family: 
Marine Collagen Powder

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1. Anti-ageing: Collagen acts as an antioxidant, neutralising free radicals in the body. This can lead to improved skin elasticity, moisture and reduced wrinkles.

2. Promotes Hair Growth: Marine collagen may help support hair follicles and stimulate hair growth due to its relation to the protein keratin.

3. Supports Bone and Joint Health: Collagen can increase bone density and support joint health, reducing the potential for conditions like osteoarthritis.

4. Helps Build Muscle Mass: For older people, collagen peptides can enhance muscle strength and lead to fat loss, especially when combined with resistance training.

5. Good for Gut Health: Being anti-inflammatory, marine collagen can support the digestive tract lining, potentially reducing stomach issues and promoting better digestion.

Bring Your A-Game to Anti-Ageing

We can’t rewind the birthdays – and wouldn’t want to. But we can give ourselves the gift of looking our best and feeling our best, at any – and every – age. That’s the beauty of the anti-ageing arena, it’s not about turning back the clock, it’s about taking care of the skin you’re in, one skincare step and treatment at a time.

Speaking of products and treatments, here are the ones we love because they’re all PROs and no cons. We like to call these ‘the pick of the anti-ageing crop’…

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Neostrata Correct Lip Wrinkle Repair – an anti-wrinkle, topical line filler for on and around your lips that contains 5% NeoGlucosamine; a building block for Hyaluronic Acid which stimulates the visible plumping of fine lines around your mouth.

This wonderful, pout-plumping product also contains 3% NeoCitriate which supports your skin's natural collagen production, increasing volume and new skin cell formation.

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Lamelle RFM Elixir Cream is the next best thing. The ultimate moisturiser for rejuvenation, this multi-tasking product features a superstar active ingredient: Stem Cell Conditioned Media (SCCM).

SCCM contains active growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines, potent antioxidants, collagen-encouraging peptides, and stem cell-derived exosomes for a powerful anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and pigment-inhibiting moisturiser that’s so much more than simply a skincare product, it’s a skincare powerhouse.  

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SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair is a corrective treatment specifically for the neck and chest area, which – let’s be honest – we all neglect a little more than we should.

As we age, it becomes important to include our neck and décolleté in our morning and evening skincare routines, and this product is the perfect way to do so.

Treatment Focus - Endybleph & Carboxytherapy

Eye area looking older than your years?

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Investigate Endybleph for the treatment of droopy eyelids, hooded eyes, lax skin (under and around the eye), or crows feet. The ideal all-round solution for ageing eyes, EndyBleph is done using the FSR (Fractional Skin Resurfacing) applicator on the EndyMed Pro device – incorporating 3DEEP radiofrequency, controlled micro-resurfacing and dermal heating – resulting in excellent skin resurfacing and skin tightening.

An effective option for both rejuvenation and prejuvenation, a series of EndyBleph treatments tightens and retracts eyelid hoods, tightens and lifts lax skin below the eye, smoothing crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles and dialing up the radiance and luminosity of the peri-orbital region around the eye.

In the market for an anti-ageing ‘miracle’?

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Carboxytherapy is known as “the miracle gas”, and has been hailed as the biggest treatment breakthrough since injectables like wrinkle fillers.

Worldwide, Carboxytherapy is rapidly becoming known as one of the leading skin rejuvenation treatments because it’s safe, minimally invasive and clinically proven to rejuvenate, restore and recondition the skin – treating wrinkles, laxity, cellulite, fatty deposits, and stretch marks. It sounds pretty miraculous to us!

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