Meet Neurotoxin Injectables via Transdermal Mesotherapy

Meet Neurotoxin Injectables via Transdermal Mesotherapy

When One Plus One Equals: Your Most Beautifully De-Aged and Rejuvenated Skin Ever!

Meet Neurotoxin Injectables via Transdermal Mesotherapy – A New and Highly Innovative Way to De-Age and Refine Skin Texture.

Doesn’t everything seem to be “new and improved” these days? Park the marketing speak please! Sometimes however, a treatment approach catches our attention and we sit up and think “wowzers.” And in this case, the concept alone is fabulous, but it’s the actual effect on skin that’s got us on overdrive. Piqued your interest? Good! We do love sharing great skin news. 

Trick or Treat? Both - and That’s Kind of Amazing!

Neurotoxin (commonly known as Botox), is a popular medical aesthetic treatment used to counteract wrinkles and treat other conditions like hyperhidrosis. Traditionally, Botox is injected into the skin using a needle, which can sometimes mean a slight ouch-factor, leading to a little bruising or mild swelling. However, recent advances in medical technology mean the development of transdermal mesotherapy, a non-invasive, no-needle method of delivering water soluble actives such as Botox into skin. Clever right? This approach equals tons benefits over traditional injections.

Now for the 101 on Transdermal Mesotherapy. This treatment is about the application of a water soluble solution or serum (in other words, a fluid containing Botox, an active ingredient) to the skin. This fluid is then absorbed through the pores and into the underlying tissue. The active, (Botox) is applied using a special Transdermal Mesotherapy device that creates microscopic channels in the skin, allowing it to penetrate into the deeper layers. So the trick is no pinchy needle but the treat is neurotoxin. Get it? So with this approach you’re getting a safe and effective skin therapy, with little discomfort or side effects.

Is It For Me? Well, Let’s See…

How do you feel about needles? One of the biggest reliefs for those with needle phobias in medical settings (it’s called trypanophobia by the way) is that transdermal mesotherapy is non-invasive. In other words, no needles or incisions are necessary - does that immediately make you feel calmer? And because the procedure is non-invasive, there is no downtime and so that back-to-work hustle can totally happen – whether you want it or not (we’ll leave that one up to you).

Transdermal mesotherapy also has a lower risk of side effects compared to traditional injections. Because the Botox is absorbed through the skin, it’s not going to cause any bruising, bleeding, swelling or infection. And that’s great news because life, well, it needs to be lived. This is how that works: microchannels created by the device used to apply the Botulinum are very small and don’t damage the skin. And they close within minutes after the treatment has been applied. Again, super smart huh?

Your Tailored Treatment: There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Here (and We Love That!)

Using Botulinum through transdermal mesotherapy lets your medical aesthetic expert treat:

  • Facial Hyperhidrosis particularly on the face in areas like the forehead or upper lip. (Sweating in areas like the under arms, palms or feet still require the old school approach)
  • Fine lines on the forehead or around the eye area (dynamic wrinkles, frown lines and overactive areas due to constant movement, need the traditional approach)
  • Prejuvenation as part of an age-prevention facial
  • Rosacea and Red, sensitive skin – by blocking the nerve impulses that cause facial flushing and redness. Botox is also known to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.
  • As part of a combination of treatments to work over raised scars to relax the tension in the scar tissue allowing the practitioner to work on reducing the scar tissue

Isn’t it great to have clarity on what a treatment can really do for your skin? Especially if traditional injectables just aren’t your vibe. Pushing you out of your comfort zone is one thing but to know there’s something safe yet effective means de-ageing and skin rejuvenation through Botox doesn’t always have to involve a needle.

Transdermal mesotherapy is a safe, effective, and a non-invasive method of administering Botox that offers so many benefits. Think even distribution of the product over a larger areas, a lowering of side effects and comfortable, needle-free treatment experience. What’s not to love?

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