Vaudeville Shows are no longer fashionable...

Vaudeville Shows are no longer fashionable....

In the days of Vaudeville and the travelling circus there was often a bearded lady on the program and people gawked in awe at this hairy woman who was definitely all women, but there was a beard and moustache as well! That was before hirsutism (excessive hairiness) was a known medical condition and such women could really only work for the circus as they were considered freaks. No amount of shaving could solve the problem, so they had to live with it. What a drag! Besides, safety razors with three blades for a close shave was not even a glint in the inventor’s eye, so by the time they finished the shaving process it was nearly time to start all over again. Oooh and can you imagine sleeping next to all that stubble. It’s bad enough to feel your partner’s facial stubble in the morning, but a whole body of it is just too gross to consider.

Well, girlfriend, you don’t have such an excuse and the hair overgrowth that we experience is just a bit of winter laziness. Who sees those white hairy legs anyway, and nobody needs a bikini wax in winter? All our sins are safely hidden behind piles of winter woollies at the moment. But wait, it’s not too long before springtime and then we have to start the reveal process, so best you think about permanent hair removal that will sort out the problem once and for all.

Laser Hair Removal

At Skin Renewal clinics you can get rid of any unwanted facial or body hair permanently with the latest in laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal uses an infrared light to target the germ cell above the hair follicle, and the hair must be present for the laser to work. No waxing or plucking before the treatment!

Depending on your hairiness, it will take a few treatments mainly because not all hair is in the growing phase at a point in time. Some will be in the resting phase, and will only be removed once they go into the growing phase again. A 100% permanent hair removal cannot be guaranteed as some people do need occasional maintenance or touch-up treatments, but in comparison to shaving twice a week and peering into a mirror to do a lot of plucking, a few touch-up treatments is a good alternative. Best of all is that you won’t be hiding hair under the winter woollies, but a gorgeous smooth skin that feels good to the touch.

When going for hair removal you can also expect better results when your skin is not suntanned, otherwise they have to use lower settings which make treatment less effective.

The Cutera Nd: YAG has been nominated as being the most diverse laser for all skin types, whether pale or darker in colour. It is a proper laser hair removal system and won quite a few awards in the USA, including being nominated for the best system to use for dark skin types.

Facial Hair and Light Hair

Facial hair is traditionally more difficult to treat as it is hormone dependent and more treatments might be needed. In general, white hair and light hair are the most difficult to remove and more modest results should be expected. Grey hair removal can be improved at the Skinrenewal Rivonia branch with the Syneron Emax laser system.- Landi, make sure this is changed to all the articles.

Coolglide Laser and ProWave

The CoolGlide Excel laser was the first to be cleared by the FDA to permanently reduce hair in people of all skin types (light to dark), whether tanned, tanning and even those suffering from ingrown hairs. Whereas other technologies require the stopping of treatment during summer, the CoolGlide laser may be used year round on skin of all types including tanned skin.

The ProWave laser hair removal treats skin types I-V and because a fairly large spot is treated at a time and has fast repetition, large areas like the back and legs can be treated in about 4-6 treatments, and there are three different programs that tailor the wavelength and pulse width to optimise hair removal.

We might have needed some extra hair in the ‘old days’ for warmth or protection, but it certainly isn’t cool anymore to have hair sprouting in areas that would look a lot prettier without, so off to Skin Renewal to get rid of unwanted hairy bits and look forward to no more shaving and plucking.

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