Lamelle: Correctives RA Cream

Lamelle: Correctives RA Cream

Exclusive to Skin Renewal this June! Be the first to try the NEW RA cream by Lamelleā€¦ a new standard in Retinol treatments.

RA Cream is indicated for the correction of epidermal and dermal photo or intrinsic ageing and pre-treatment of the epidermis prior to professional skin resurfacing. RA Cream is a highly concentrated retinoid analogue cream with a unique blend of modern emollients, sage extract, L-serine amino acids, hyaluronic acid and a patented retinoid analog.

This product is used once daily, preferably at night. The most convenient application time is the evening as there is less chance of the product being rubbed off or removed. A broad spectrum sunscreen is advised for use while using RA Cream. RA Cream must be stopped 2 days before professional skin resurfacing, IPL or laser therapy.

Retinoids play an essential role in normal skin functioning and levels are depleted daily by sun exposure. With age, many of the normal skin processes that keep skin looking young and healthy (that require retinoid activity) decline and as such the supplementation of the skin with an ACTIVE retinoid alternative makes fantastic sense and indeed shows tremendous benefit.

RA Cream is suitable to all skin types.

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