Quench your skin’s thirst!

Quench your skin’s thirst!

It is all dependent on one’s point of view whether living at the coast in a more humid climate is better for you or not. Living with humidity is not flattering in summer when your make up migrates from above the eyes to just above the cheekbones but it does help to keep the skin hydrated.

Fine, oily skin has its own set of problems, but dehydrated skin is dull, results in wrinkles, and we have never aspired to the prune look. It doesn’t suit us, no discussion needed.

A friend moved from a very humid climate to the dry winter of Gauteng recently and her skin showed its disapproval within a week or two. At first she thought she had contracted some horrid disease or that her hormone balance had gone south and only when she went for her monthly pamper at a Skin Renewal Clinic did the very diplomatic therapist suggest that she may want to consider more hydrating skin products and some treatment for a dehydrated skin. Voila, within a week the problem was solved!

Anti-Ageing Hydrating Facial

Dry weather, central heating, air conditioning or taking long hot baths can all result in a breakdown of the lipid barrier of the skin, causing a dry, itchy and flaky skin. Skin loses its fullness and healthy appearance and the best way of relieving this less than flattering problem is to try Skin Renewal’s signature facial which is the Anti-Ageing Hydrating Facial™. This is a three-in-one treatment that will surprise you with the results as skin looks tighter, younger and certainly better hydrated.

The process is started with microdermabrasion using fine crystals to polish away dead skin cells and the accumulation of debris on the skin. This is followed by transdermal mesotherapy which will push growth factors, peptides and hyaluronic acid deep into the dermis where it will have the biggest benefit and as these cells get to the surface of the skin, it has had time to improve the skin quality and the results of stimulating collagen production can be seen.


The natural ageing process normally begins in our 20s when collagen production slows down and the skin’s elastin slowly loses its ability to spring back into place. Cell turnover starts slowing down and although you can’t see it for at least another ten years, the process has started and it will be ongoing. The mesotherapy stimulates collagen production and keeps skin from sagging which will support the soft tissues of the face, preventing that hollow look that forms as one ages and it can be combined with laser and light treatments.

Mesotherapy can be done either with small micro injections or by transdermal mesotherapy in patients who do not like needles, so the combination of ingredients are delivered to the right depth. The results are dependent on the combination of ingredients and the amount of treatments to deliver long term benefits. Specifically for anti-ageing benefits the Dermaheal Skin Rejuvenation Solution SRS™ is used which is a combination of winning growth factors, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, nucleic acids, co factors and hyaluronic acid. Best results are seen after six to twelve treatments and each has a cumulative effect that will improve and rehydrate your skin.

Juvederm Dermal Filler

So you have waited a bit longer to start anti-ageing therapy, but all is not lost. Starting with the Anti-Ageing Hydrating™ facial and then helping Mother Nature with a bit of plumpness here and there works wonders. Juvederm™ dermal filler treatment generally lasts about six to twelve months and a top-up has been shown to last up to 18 months as has been seen in clinical study results. Botox® and Juvederm treatment are commonly done at the same time (Liquid Facelift).

Alpha Hydroxy Peels

For a quick pick-me-up and in addition to anti-ageing therapy, consider a superficial glycolic peel to remove dead skin cells and stimulate metabolism of the skin underneath. These can be done in addition to other treatments, or as a series on its own.

Hydration is not an option but a necessity to keep that youthful look, so for yourself and your skin, drink some extra water, where possible stay away from air conditioners and heaters and pamper yourself with some mesotherapy.

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