4 Pillars of Anti-Ageing

4 Pillars of Anti-Ageing

What is the easiest way to understand the “Overall Health Picture”?

It is like comparing the skin or body to the dashboard of a car. When a light flashes on the dashboard, it warns us that something inside is not functioning properly. Similarly, when the skin or body breaks out in conditions such as acne, rosacea, sensitivity, allergies, unexplained pigmentation or inflammation, it is often an indication that something in our systems is out of sync and our skin or body is giving us a “warning light”.

What are the “4 Pillars of Health and Anti-Ageing”?

Pillar 1 - Lifestyle

Instead of treating disease, rather cultivate wellness.

Prevention is better than cure! Don’t wait for disease to set in. If you don’t make time for wellness today, you will have to make time for illness tomorrow.

Understand that nothing stands in isolation. The impact of late nights, stress and a bad diet can’t be under-estimated.

Here are a few lifestyle choices to kick-start your journey to wellness:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet, consisting mostly of unprocessed, raw food. A rule to go by is that real food doesn’t need an ingredients list because it is the ingredient.
  • Avoid sugar - our bodies aren’t designed to cope with as much sugar and because it’s so addictive, we just want more!
  • Get enough deep and, restorative sleep.
  • Exercise regularly – keep the blood flowing and the muscles strong.
  • Reduce stress levels – create a reasonable schedule for your workday, allowing time for the things that are meaningful to you.
  • Be still – there is no way of knowing how you’re really doing if you don’t make time to find out, which requires time to shut down the constant stimulation around us and be quiet to go within.

Pillar 2 - Injectables

The correct usage of injectables, such as BotulinumToxin, Dermal fillers, and Threads address the formation of wrinkles, loss of volume and sagging skin. Even though wrinkles and volume loss can be reversed (up to a point), it is always better to prevent these before they set in.

Botulinum Toxin shows excellent results in the removal of lines and wrinkles, whereas fillers allow for subtle contouring of the profile and threads tightens the skin without cutting.

Even though these treatments have now been around for well over a decade, it is still associated with a frozen expression. This is a misconception, which only appears in extreme cases. It is therefore important to visit a doctor that regularly does these treatments, with lots of experience to have your injectables.

Pillar 3 – Skin Condition

Even though there are treatments available that instantly change the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the condition of the skin is what really defies age. This includes a smooth and even texture, reduced pore size, and a glowing complexion.

As we age, our metabolic processes slow down, causing the rejuvenation of skin cells and collagen to also slow down, which in turn, causes dull skin. Dull skin leaves the complexion with an overall lack luster, lifeless and sluggish appearance. Maintaining skin health and ensuring our skin is in a great condition is of vital importance.

The ideal treatments to address dull skin are chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments and skin needling, or ideally a combination thereof.

Pillar 4 - Products

Ensure a good home care regime. Being disciplined at home with a routine in the morning and evening will show in the results achieved.

Get advice from your doctor to recommend the products best suited to your skin type. Products with active ingredients that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin are best and are typically found in medical skin care ranges.

Lastly, never leave home without your SPF. Daily protection from the sun and its harmful effects are one of the most important battles to fight when it comes to anti-ageing!

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